"Letters" EP out Oct 18th!

Hey friends! As I mentioned in my previous post I had the pleasure to photograph and design the second album for the wonderful folk singer/songwriter Allyson Reigh.

"Letters" EP out Oct 18th! 



"You can pick up your very own copy of Letters at the album release party on Friday, September 6th at 8pm at Burritoville (2055 Bishop). The album will also be available on iTunes as of October 18th (the same date as the album release party at Village Guitar & Amp Co in Saskatoon, if you happen to be in that neck of the woods!)" - Vic 

First review is out!


EP Release Party! 


Summer breeze


Hi, I don’t write often do I. It’s been a really great few weeks and I am excited to tell you about it but first, here are the best parts of the last few months!

I tried my hand at digital painting


There is something evidently amazing about “undo”. I found myself on automatic -physically painting afterwards and going to “undo” to realize - wait this is reality I can’t “undo”, there is something magical about this too in a whole different way of course...

In March, I was filmed by Amit Kehar, making a painting for may be 6 hours…to be incorporated in the editing of a music video for the very talented Baba Ft. J.Hennessy


Eclectic inVIBLES evening in May (the webzine I design posters for)


if you missed out, you might want to not to do that again, these evenings are interesting and different.


I sketched/painted live at a new series of events in June hosted by the musically gifted Logan Hollow https://www.facebook.com/logan.hollow.min

Emma explains the concept here quite well http://little-city.ca/2013/07/08/logan-hollow-wiggle-room/ I spontaneously decided to make this open and participative and allowed others to pick up crayons de bois and paint!

Most recently I photographed and designed an album for folk singer/songwriter Allyson Reigh. I enjoyed her sense of aesthetics, she was very present during the process,  and it felt like a collaboration, which to me is most wonderful. I can’t remember the last time I loved work so much.

Not only does she have the most beautiful voice but both the writing and the music carries pleasing subtleties . http://www.reverbnation.com/allysonreigh


I can’t wait to share the album with you soon!

Until then enjoy summer!

A new year

imageI love the start of a new year. It feels to me like a new day but it’s a year so it’s even bigger and brighter. New York City feels that way too in comparison to Montreal. This year I recited the countdown to 2013 in Williamsburg! Le plateau’s chic big brother. I had the best time with some wonderful friends. I also had some very inspirational conversations with a dear friend, I look up to because she has created her self from scratch, professionally, and she is excellent at what she does. 

I am now ready to take on the next chapter of my career, business cards in hand! Yes! I designed myself satisfying bcards, I am hard to please but I am finally happy with the result. You might just have to see me to pick yourselves one!

I have been up to various projects since my last post. I designed some business cards for my father’s import/export business http://naniasergi.com/Business-cards as well as made a wedding invitation boarding pass for a couple passionate about travels http://naniasergi.com/Wedding-invitations

I took some photographs of the lovely interiors composed by designer, Michael Sapienza. http://naniasergi.com/Michael-Sapienza-Designer

I drew some more illustrations for http://www.in-visibles.com https://www.facebook.com/invisibles.web?fref=ts & even wrote a small article http://www.in-visibles.com/2012/12/le-top-2012-invisibles-de-nania

I digitally drew the bow and designed the tag of holiday flyer for l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal. http://naniasergi.com/Flyers

Today I decided to register for a digital painting course given by a great artist and person I met through work. I am really looking forward to it. 

I am going to leave you with a painting untitled ” Found at Sea” I made last week. 

Happy new year! 

Updates mashup


I am sorry I have not been able to keep up with this journal in the last few months. I was working with an animation and vfx company, assisting the director/producer and others in the studio. I learned a great deal about the various stages of animation making. What an interesting field! I particularly like matte painting. I might try it in the near future. Apart from working at my day job I was also dabbling into graphic design. I made a digital drawing and designed a business card/book cover for a new exciting manicures & pedicures business lady, you can take a look: www.dropdeadmanicures.tumblr.com 

I also have become in charge of visuals for www.in-visibles.com a mag for/about diversity/everybody, it gives voices to those who traditionally do not speak up loud enough in the media. I designed and drew digitally the poster for their launch party, which was sold there. I made it with a drawing tablet/pad, my new favorite toy, and Illustrator which I am getting to know better. I also made special invitations for the local filmakers whose films were screened at the event.

In June, I made a flyer for a fundraiser event (burlesque performances, music and spoken words) http://naniasergi.com/Posters that night I met Cora Kim, whom I took photographs of/she also performed that night & at the magazine launch. She is a wonderful artist/singer/musician whose music she would describe as moody synthpop with some korean folk mixed in there. You can discover her here www.corakim.com 

Art Souterrain’s opening

The pictures I took of Art Souterrain’s opening at Nuit Blanche are on their Facebook! :)



Festival Art Souterrain 2012

J’ai été sélectionné pour faire partie de l’équipe de photographe pour le Festival Art Souterrain 2012! :)


Stéphane Dion

Yesterday I interviewed Stéphane Dion, PC, MP, Canadian politician, Member of Parliament for the riding of Saint-Laurent-Cartierville in Montreal since 1996. He was leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Leader of the Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons from 2006 to 2008 as well as minister of the environment from 2004-2006. 

This will be included in a short documentary I am directing with the help of my coworkers at Communautique in the context of the project remix the commons www.remixthecommons.org. I am looking at the Government of Québec’s adoption of the Regulation respecting the cap and trade system for greenhouse gas emission allowances. http://www.mddep.gouv.qc.ca/changements/carbone/Systeme-plafonnement-droits-GES-en.htm


Last Saturday I took portrait of new beat maker and old friend; Liam, http://2legit2quit.bandcamp.com/album/liam-beat-tape-vol-1. What cold fun we had.


The new year started really well for me! January 2nd I assisted a prop stylist I admire; Lacy Barry http://www.lacybarry.com/, in building two sets for an audio/video collaborative project titled “Therum” featuring musician Skyllark http://soundcloud.com/skyllark.

I also had the pleasure to work again with an amazing photographer and a dear friend; Riki Tinoza, http://cargocollective.com/riki-tinoza

Moreover, I had the chance to use the beautiful studio at L’Éloi agency in Montréal. 

I brought a camera and shot making-of photos. http://leloi.ca/blog/?p=3373


After upgrating my cargocollective I decided to make this space into a journal. ::)

You can see my work at www.naniasergi.com and come here for news!